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Mouldings are the life blood of a home, your personality comes through. Moulding makes a statement about your home, it can tell a story, it can tell your story. Modern, classic, elegant, historical, simple, primed or natural can determine what each room wants to "say". Mouldings tie a room together, mouldings can tie a home together. You will find your "story" in our moulding offering....and if you don't, we can have it custom made for you.

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Ferche Millwork

Many things contribute to the success of a home's interior--design, colors, furnishings. The natural beauty and warmth of hardwoods is also a key element to what many refer to as a "homey feel" or "warm and inviting." Mouldings are significant in making that happen.

From the simple to the extravagant, Ferche has the ideas, styles, designs and wood species to please the most discriminating homeowner, designer, or architect. Ferche is synonymous with first class hardwood moulding. Nothing but the best--all of the time.

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Resinart DuraFlex Moulding

Resinart is the largest manufacturer of flexible moulding in the world. You can use the DuraFlex Brand moulding on applications such as half round windows, elliptical windows, arches and arcs, curved stairwells, round columns, ceiling domes, and almost any other curved application. DuraFlex has the appearance of real wood. It installs with standard woodworking equipment - cut, sand, shape and finish like wood. It is moisture proof, and insect proof. It won't warp, crack or deteriorate.

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Alexandria Moulding

Alexandria Moulding is a leading moulding manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood composite mouldings in North America & the world. Alexandria Moulding has five domestic Mega Centres that look after its manufacturing and distribution requirements

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Empire Moulding & Millwork

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